Gwydion Beynon’s El Blanco: Tales of the Mariachi, is a solo western, “…funny, filled with fantastical stories, a little singing, a little strumming, some poignancy thrown in for good measure, and, mainly, thoroughly entertaining.”  El Blanco wants so much to be a great mariachi, but he ends up somewhere else. A story of lost potential regained.

One of the highlights of the festival…
— Steve Kromberg, Cue
Virtuoso, spell-binding master class in storytelling
— Keith Millar, Artsmart
…about as polished and on point as it’s possible to be
— Bruce Dennill, Radio Today
A simple, but profound message, but in the hands of this master storyteller, you are mesmerised. James Cairns holds us spellbound…
— Jennifer de Klerk, Artlink
…you will be completely smitten by this wildly creative monodrama, which vies with loose and totally fabulous abandon between being immensely proper, and totally off the wall, with the flick of an eyebrow
— Robyn Sassen