The Snow Goose is a timeless classic based on the Paul Gallico short story. A chance encounter between a recluse and a young girl blossoms as they nurse an injured wild goose back to health in marshes of Essex in the 1930’s. Their idyllic world is turned upside down as the chaos of war intrudes. With the use of masks, ingenious staging and the performance skills of Taryn Bennett and James Cairns, Jenine Collocott has created a theatre gem that has enthralled audiences all over the country.

2015 Fleur du Cap Best Design Nomination | 2015 Fleur du Cap Best Props Nomination
2016 Naledi Best Play Nomination | 2016 Naledi Best Ensemble Nomination | 2016 Naledi Best Director Nomination

A multi-tissue play, The Snow Goose celebrates writer Paul Gallico and 1940’s values. It’s an immense achievement. ..…. in its succinct simplicity it beautifully straddles being identified as either literature for children or adults. …..This play is a must-see. It will make you cry but it will shift your parameters as to how good theatre in this country can actually be….Don’t miss it
— Robyn Sassen,
Will linger long after you leave the theatre....a welcome delight and a reminder of the enduring value of friendship, compassion and kindness
— Tracey Saunders, Cape Times
Takes flight with your heart, mind and imagination
— TheatreSceneCpt